About TERRA .

TERRA was born in New Zealand with respect for the earth. As the last pure land in the world, New Zealand is known for its pollution-free environment, which brings opportunities for local business to produce safer and effective products. In Latin,

TERRA maens the goddess of he earth. Just like its name, TERRA tries to provide the gentiest experience to customers by inheriting the values of this country that respects nature and the environment.

From Nature, Return to Nature.
Why Terra


Gentle on you, your family and the planet, this is what TERRA’s products can offer. TERRA delivers gentle yet effective personal care solutions for our customers and reduces ecological footprints at the same time. The personal care products series of TERRA including baby wipes, skincare, hair care and body care products which are 100% New Zealand made. The ingredients we choose are organic, pure, natural and free from harmful chemicals.

This is why TERRA can make everything pure and simple, in the ways that the nature intended. Choose TERRA, choose the simple, natural and healthy lifestyle you want.

Our Philosophy.

In TERRA, enerything we do reflects our philosophy. We believe that nature is the key to health, and the attributes of personal care products should be nature and effective. To provide the purest products, TERRA’s group keeps conducting innovative approaches on designs and productions, which allow us to combine the best natural ingredients into our products.

From ingredients to packaging, we make every effort to offer customers a gentle and safer experience.

Our philosophy


In TERRA, we value sustainability. For ingredients, we use organic and natural materials which are certified by BioGro, SGS and OEKO-TEX. We also use 100% recyclable plastic on the packaging and eco-friendly inks on printings to make sure to reduce impacts on the environment. Every step we take is trying to be kinder to the planet and protecting the natural environment for future generations.

We won’t stop here. We will continue to develop, manufacture and pack our purest products in sustainable ways and improve the techies of production to save energy and reduce waste.